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5 - Setting up a New Game Mode

In the previous step we finished setting up our Vehicle Blueprint and assigned all the controls we need to make it work properly. In this last step, we'll finish by setting up a new Game Mode that is uses our Vehicle Blueprint as the Default Pawn for the game.

If you did not use a blank project template when starting this guide you may find that you already have a Game Mode assigned that conflicts with the one we're creating in this step. Use the steps below to create a new Game Mode so that you can spawn in the vehicle you've created throughout this guide.

Creating a New Game Mode

  1. In the Content Browser click the Add New button and select Blueprint Class from the menu list.

  2. In the Pick Parent Class window, select Game Mode Base and then click the Select button to create the Game Mode Blueprint.


  3. In the Content Browser, double-click to open the new Game Mode Blueprint so that you can edit it. In the Details under Classes next to Default Pawn Class, use the drop-down selection to choose Your Vehicle Blueprint that you created in Step 3.


    Aftering doing this you can click Save and then Close this window.

  4. In the Main Viewport window in the World Settings tab under the Game Mode section set GameMode Override to Your Game Mode Blueprint.


End Result


Congratulations! Now, when you Play in Editor (PIE) you should automatically spawn in with your very own vehicle that you created! You've learned everything you need to create your own working vehicles in UE4. As you worked your way through this guide, you learned:

✓ How to configure a TireConfig Data Asset.
✓ How to configure a Wheel Blueprint for your Font and Rear wheels.
✓ How to setup an Animation Blueprint specifically for a Vehicle.
✓ How to configure your Vehicle Blueprint with your Skeletal Mesh, Animation Blueprint, and Wheel Blueprint(s).
✓ How to configure your Axis Mappings and Bindings to control your Vehicle.
✓ How to create and assign a new Game Mode to spawn your vehicle.

Getting Started with Vehicle in Unreal Engine

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