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4. Setup the Character Blueprint

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As we have created a project with a Character already in it, we have access to a humanoid Skeletal Mesh and its Animation Blueprint. We will use these in the tutorial, but feel free to use your own if you have them available.

This Character will become our new AI Character. The reason we use a Character, over say a Pawn, is to gain access to the Character Movement Component's functionality.


  1. Double-click the AI_Character Blueprint in the Content Browser to open it for editing.

  2. Select the Mesh component in the Components panel.


  3. In the Details panel, find the Mesh category and assign the SK_Mannequin (or your own) Skeletal Mesh.


  4. Move the Mesh Component to center it up inside in the capsule.

  5. Rotate the Mesh Component so it faces the direction the blue Arrow Component is pointing.

  6. In the Details panel, find the Animation category and assign the ThirdPerson_AnimBP to the Animation Blueprint Generated Class property.


  7. Select the CapsuleComponent from the Components panel, then in the Details panel, adjust the Capsule Half Height and Capsule Radius so they encompass the Skeletal Mesh.


  8. Select the Character Movement Component.


  9. In the Details panel, in the Movement Component category, adjust the Agent Radius and Agent Height values.


    Set the Agent Radius to at least the Capsule's radius, and the Agent Height to at least twice the Capsule's "half height."

  10. With the Character Movement Component still selected, change the Max Walk Speed property, in the Character Movement category to 400.


  11. Click the Class Defaults button and assign the new AI Controller (Follower_AI_CON) to the AIController Class property in the Pawn category.


  12. Compile and Save.