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6. Setup the AI Controller Blueprint

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Using the Top Down template gives us access to mouse controls to move our character around, but for the other character we are going to create, he will need his own controller. This AI Controller is going to set a few values on its Blackboard and is going to kick off the running of our Behavior Tree. For those familiar with Blueprints, here is what the final Event Graph will look like:

Below are the steps for creating the first part of the Event Graph. Step 7. AI Controller Blueprint: Initial Blackboard Values and Step 8. AI Controller Blueprint: Run the Behavior Tree also involve editing this graph.


  1. Double-click the AI Controller Blueprint in the Content Browser to begin editing it.


  2. Using the Right-click Context menu in the Graph Panel:

    1. Add an Event Begin Play node.


    2. Add an Use Blackboard node.



  3. On the Use Blackboard node, change the Blackboard Asset to the one you created in step 3.


  4. Connect the output execution pin on the Event Begin Play node, to the input execution pin on the Use Blackboard node.


In the next step we'll continuing editing this graph and setup the initial Blackboard values for our AI Controller.