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14. Next Steps

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This page covers a number of ideas for improvements you can make now that you're familiar with the basics of the Environment Query System.


  • TopDownCharacter is far too specific, update everything to a more flexible system.

  • The Behavior Tree shows one way to set a system like this up:

    • Try using a Wait node instead of the Cooldown Decorator. This will require a Bool Blackboard entry and some extra work in the AI Controller.

    • Add a secondary Behavior that, after a time, the AI will begin to wander around.

    • Bonus - Store the last known location(s) of the Player(s) and use those in an Environment Query to find a better hiding spot.

    • Double Bonus - Have the AI attempt to approach a Player from behind without entering the forward view arc of the Player(s).

  • Did you know you can create your own Generators in Blueprint? Maybe there's a better way to find the possible points for the AI to hide.

  • The ' key (single quote) turns on a host of Gameplay Debugging tools. Check out all of the options available in the Editor Preferences > Gameplay Debugger