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1 - Setting up the Animation to Blend

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In this step, we change our default player character and create an AnimMontage for the animation we want to layer in on top of our movement animations.

For this guide we are using the Blueprint Third Person Template project and have added the Animation Starter Pack to the project:


You can download the Animation Starter Pack for free through the Marketplace from the Epic Launcher.

  1. With your project open, inside the Content Browser under the Content/ThirdPersonBP/Blueprints folder, open the ThirdPersonGameMode Blueprint.

  2. Under Default Pawn Class, click the drop-down menu and select the Ue4ASP_Character.


  3. Compile and Save then close the Blueprint.

  4. In the Content Browser, open the Content/AnimStarterPack folder.

  5. Right-click on the Fire_Shotgun_Ironsights animation, select Create then Create AnimMontage.


    You can filter the window by typing "Fire" inside the search window as shown above.

  6. Open the new AnimMontage and click the magnifying glass icon.


    This will open the Anim Slot Manager which we will use to create a Slot that we can use to blend to when calling the Slot by name.

  7. Click the Add Slot button, then name the slot UpperBody then click Save.


    Although we chose the name "UpperBody" here, we are not targeting the upperbody just yet but have assigned the name so we know where we are targeting.

  8. Click the drop-down menu inside the Montage Group section and change it to DefaultGroup.UpperBody, then close the window.


    We have now associated this Montage with the DefaultGroup.UpperBody, allowing it to play when the Slot is called.

In the next section, we will change our default player character and make some adjustments to determine when we are firing a weapon.