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Working with Sets

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At the end of this tutorial, you'll gain some experience working with Sets in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

More often than not, Blueprint Arrays are the container-of-choice for most design scenarios. Arrays, being an ordered list of items where duplicates are allowed, offer developers a container that is both ordered and flexible. There are times though, when developers, working with pools of items, aren't worried with the order of each item belonging to the pools, rather, they might be concerned with the uniqueness of the items belonging to the pools that they're drawing data from.

This is where a Blueprint Set might help.


This guide teaches you how to set up and work with a Blueprint Set.


After working through this tutorial, you'll know the following:

  • How to create and edit Sets in the Blueprint scripting environment.

  • How to query and display items being contained in a Blueprint Set.

  • How to perform some basic operations on Blueprint Sets, including Intersections and Unions.