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The Palette panel displays a list of all functions and variables that can be used in Blueprints. It is fully searchable, contains a Favorites panel that you can populate with the nodes you find yourself using the most, and you can filter it to search for nodes that are compatible with a specific class type. Nodes from the Palette panel can be added into your networks by simply dragging and dropping them from the list.



  1. Favorites - This shows your favorite and frequently used nodes. You can add nodes to this area by Right clicking them within the Palette panel and choosing Add to Favorites.

  2. Palette list - This is a list of all available functions, filterable by class and searchable.

  3. Favorites search bar - Actively filters the Favorites list while you type.

  4. Class Filter - This filters the Palette panel to only show nodes which are compatible with a specific class. See Class Filtering for more details.

  5. Palette search bar - Actively filters the Palette list while you type.

Class Filtering

Sometimes it is useful to filter down the Palette to only show those nodes that are compatible with a given class type. This is done using the Class Filter dropdown. When clicked, it shows a list of all classes available in your project, similar to the Class Viewer panel. It also contains a search bar that you can use to actively filter down the list.