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3. Convert Your Actor to a Blueprint Class

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Making changes inside the Blueprint means that each time you make a new launchpad, it will have the look and feel you have created in the Blueprint Editor. While you could duplicate your LaunchPad Actor around the level, any changes you make on a particular launchpad would only affect that one copy.

  1. In the Details panel, click on the Blueprint/Add Script button.


  2. Expand the SideScrollerBP folder, then select the Blueprints folder.

  3. At this point, you could rename your Blueprint, or leave it as the default LaunchPad_Blueprint.

  4. Click on Create Blueprint.


Your Blueprint is now visible in the Content Browser. Right now, you could drag and drop from the Content Browser into the level to create lots of copies of your platform mesh and trigger, but there will not be any behavior on it yet. In the next step, you will start setting up the graph nodes inside of your Blueprint to launch your Character when it crosses the launchpad.