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1 - Composure Required Setup

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For this Quick Start, we are going to be re-creating the third shot that comes with the Composure content sample that you will find on the Epic Games Launcher. However before we can start to do this, we are going to need to download a few additional files, create a new level, and make sure that we have the needed Actors and Blueprints. After completing this section, your project will be ready to start compositing computer generated footage with real world footage.

To fully follow along with this Quick Start you will need to download and create a new UE4 project that uses the Composure sample. You can use the Composure sample on the learn tab of the Epic Games Launcher.


  1. First, download and extract the following .FBX file which contains the camera animation used for the third shot and nothing else.

  2. From the Epic Games launcher, make sure you have downloaded and installed the Composure Sample project. If you already have the Composure sample, go ahead and launch it now.

  3. Once the Composure sample has loaded go to Edit > Plugins and then in the Compositing section, make sure the Composure Plugin is enabled:

    Click for full image.

    If the Composure Plugin has not been enabled, enabling it will require that you restart the UE4 Editor before you can use them.

  4. Next, over in the Content Browser create a new folder called ComposureQS and then from the Main toolbar go File > New Level and select the Empty Level option. When the level loads, save the new level in the ComposureQS folder with a name of CQS_Shot_03_Remake.


  5. Now, locate and open the Advanced Compositing map in the Content Browser and double - click on it to open it up.

  6. Select the following assets that have been placed in the level and when completed, press CTRL + C to copy the assets to the clipboard.

    Click for full image.

    • Directional Light

    • Post Process Volume

    • SkyLight

    • CompositingStaticMesh_PatioGround

    • Patio Columns Railings Walls

    • Patio Roof

  7. Open up the ComposureQS level that was previously saved and then press CTRL+V to paste the copied Actors into the level.

  8. Over in the World Outliner, click on the Sky Light and in the Details panel under Light change the Source Type to SLS Specified Cubemap and in the Cubemap input, select the 3D5A2486_Panorama_hdr_orient_CC .HDR Cubemap.


End Result

With the level lighting now setup and all of the needed Actors added to the level, in the next part of this Quick Start we will take a look at adding and setting up the rest of the needed Actors and Blueprints Composure requires to work.