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2 - Composure Actor Setup

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In the last section, we added the needed assets to help us visualize what is going on and also light the scene. In this section, we will add the needed Actors and Blueprints so that we can start to use Composure.


  1. From the Modes panel, locate the Cine Camera Actor and drag it into the level, position it at 0,0,0 in the world.

    Click for full image.

  2. Go to the Blueprints folder in the Content Browser and add the following Blueprints to the level, making sure to position each Blueprint at 0,0,0 in the level.

    • BP_AdvancedCompositing

    • BP_AdvancedCompositingSkeletalMesh

    Click for full image.

  3. Select the BP_AdvancedCompositing and in the Config section set the Sequencer Camera to the Cine Camera Actor that was added to the level.

    Click for full image.

  4. Then select the BP_AdvancedCompositingSkeletalMesh and under the Mesh section, set the Skeletal Mesh to SK_Mannequin.

    Click for full image.

End Result

With the needed Blueprints and Actors placed in the level, in the next section of this Quick Start we'll start by taking a look at setting up Sequencer to work with Composure.