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3 - Composure Level Sequence Creation

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In this part of the Composure Quick Start, we are going be creating and setting up a new Level Sequence that will contain all the needed data to re-make the third shot in the demo sequence.


  1. From the Toolbar click on the Cinematics button and from the displayed list, select the Add Level Sequence option.


  2. Select the ComposureQS folder for the location to store the level sequence and name the sequence shot0030_remake_001.

  3. Once the new Level Sequence has been created, the Sequencer editor will open automatically and once it does, immediately set the Time Snapping Interval to 24 fps (film).


  4. Next, click in the Sequencer timeline and while holding down CRTL scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the timeline out so you can see more of the timeline.

  5. Click on the Play button icon to display the Playback options and then set the End to 1591 and the Start to 1098.


    You must set the End frame number first and then the Start frame number in this order to get this to work correctly. Trying this any other way could result in things not working in the desired manner.

  6. Press the Home key to zoom the Sequencer view to this new frame range and the Up arrow key to set the play head to frame 1098.



End Result

With the Level Sequence now created, in the next section we will take a look at adding and setting up the Actors and Blueprints Composure requires to work correctly.