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4 - Composure Level Sequence Setup

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In the last section, we created the needed Level Sequence need for Composure to work. In the following section, we will set this Level Sequence up so that it will work with Composure when played.


  1. First, in the Sequencer tab add a new Camera Cut track by pressing the green +Track button and selecting Camera Cut from the displayed list.


  2. Over in the World Outliner, select the Cine Camera Actor and then drag it from the World Outliner to the Sequencer window to add it to the timeline.

    Click for full image.

    When adding any content over the next few steps, make sure that the timeline is on frame 1098 or things will not match up correctly.

  3. Then in the Camera Cut track, press the +Camera button and select the Cine Camera Actor that was just added to Sequencer.


  4. Next, add the following Blueprints to Sequencer by selecting them in the World Outliner and then dragging them into Sequencer tracks, just like with the Cine Camera Actor and when completed your Track view should look like the following image:

    • BP_AdvancedCompositingSkeletalMesh

    • BP_AdvancedCompositing Blueprints


  5. In the Track list, under the BP_AdvancedCompositingSkeletalMesh Blueprint press the Plus sign next to the Animation section and from the displayed list, select the mocap_patio_walk animation.


  6. Make sure that the timeline is on frame 1098 and then in the Transform section of the BP_AdvancedCompositingSkeletalMesh, set the Location and Rotation to the following values:

    • Location: -20, -140, 0

    • Rotation: 0, 0, 5

    Click for full image.

  7. Next, right - click on the CineCameraActor1 in the Track list and from the menu select the Import option. From the displayed window, navigate to the shot0030_camera_export.fbx file that was download in the first section of this Quick Start select it and then press the Open button to import it.


  8. In the Camera Cut track, click on the Camera icon to see through the camera and then scrub the timeline to see the camera and mannequin move in relation to one another.

  9. Now, we need to add the following Composure specific inputs by clicking on the Plus icon on the right hand side of the BP_AdvancedCompositing Blueprint and selecting the following items from the list:

    • Input 0

    • Input 1

    • Distortion Displacement Map

      The Distortion Displacement Map track will look empty after adding the image Sequence due to the Image Plate asset having a frame rate of 0.

    • Overscan Sensor Width

    • Overscan Sensor Height

    • Compositing Mode

    • Shadow Color Grading > Gain

    Click for full image.

  10. With the required Composure tracks now added, make sure that the timeline is set to frame 1098 and then enter the following data by pressing the Plus sign next to each track and selecting the data or by inputting a number in the number input:

    • Input 0 shot0030_background

    • Input 1 shot0030_matte

    • Distortion Displacement Map shot0030_distortion

    • Overscan Sensor Width 37.795

    • Overscan Sensor Height 21.238

    • Compositing Mode Shadow + Occlusion

    • Shadow Color Grading > Gain X: -0.28, Y: -0.35 Z: -0.25

    Click for full image.

End Result

With Sequencer and Composure now setup to be used together, in the next section we will take a look at setting up the needed Game Mode and Level Blueprint Logic that will help all of this work together when the Play or Simulate button is pressed.