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5 - Composure Game Mode & Level Blueprint Setup

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In the following section, we will go over setting up the Level Blueprint and Game Mode so that Sequencer and Composure can work together when you run your project. When completed, you will have a re-creation of the third shot from the Composure example project.


  1. First, open up the Level Blueprint and click on the Class Defaults button. Then, over in the Details panel, under Actor Tick, press the Show Advanced Properties button and change the Tick Group to Post Update Work.

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    If you fail to change the Actor Tick group, you will introduce one frame of latency in the camera position/direction because the Advanced Compositing pipeline query these inputs from the Player Camera Manager and all Tick generated animations in the scene. Moreover, this is the last Tick group that gets updated before triggering the rendering command, and since we are manually triggering this through Composure, it needs to be in the Post Update Work Tick group to work correctly.

  2. Select the BP_AdvancedCompositing Blueprint in the World Outliner and then inside the Level Blueprint, right - click and choose the Create a Reference to BP_AdvancedCompositing option.

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  3. Drag off the out of the BP_AdvancedCompositing variable output and from the displayed list, search for the Process Current Frame node and add it to the graph, connecting the Event Tick output to the input on the Process Current Frame node.

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  4. Next, drag of the Event Begin Play node output and from the displayed list, search for the Set View Target with Blend node and add it to the Event Graph.

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    You will need to disable Context Sensitivity in the Blueprint search box to see this node in the list.


  5. Right- click in the Event Graph and search for a Get Player Controller and connect it to the Target input on the Target with Blend node. Then connect the CineCameraActor camera to the New View Target input on the Target with Blend node.

    Click for full image.

  6. Now in the levels World Settings under Game Mode set the Game Mode Override to the SimpleComposureGameModeBase and then save your level.


  7. To see what the final video will look like, first, make sure that you have the sequence open in Sequencer and then change your play mode to Simulate and press the Play button or scrub the timeline to get the images on the plates to show up like in the following video

End Result

With the character now being able to mix seamlessly with the foreground, background and lighting this brings us to the end of the Composure Quick Start. Keep in mind that this is just a small example of what is possible with the Composure system. In the next and final step, there will be some "On Your Own" challenges you can attempt and links to additional documentation.