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6 - On Your Own

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In this example, we used Composure with Sequencer like you would in a video editing pipeline but you can use Composure for anything that requires compositing real world footage with computer generated footage. You could also use Composure for an augmented reality experience where the backplate texture is a video feed from the camera. Now that you know the basics on how Composure works, here are some additional things you can try.

  • Try changing the character that is used by using the Animation Retargeting system.

  • Try to fade the scene in/out using a Fade Track .

  • Add Music from the Content/StarterContent/Audio folder with an Audio Track .

  • Cause the scene to enter slow motion with the Play Rate track.

Optionally, you can Render out your cinematic as a video file:

  1. Click the Render Movie option.


  2. Make sure the Frame Rate is set ot 24.


  3. Under General, define the Output Directory then set the Game Mode Override to SimpleComposureGameModeBase. When that is completed, click the Capture Movie button to start rendering. A preview window will appear while rendering and will close when complete.