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1 - Required Project Setup

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This is what you'll see when you launch UE4.


Setting up your project is easy!

  1. Click the New Project tab from the Unreal Project Browser.

  2. Click the Blueprint tab and select Blank.

  3. Select the following settings:

    • Desktop / Console

    • Maximum Quality

    • With Starter Content

  4. Select a location for your project to be stored: ProjectLocation.png

  5. Name your project: ProjectName.png

  6. Click the Create Project button: CreateProjectButton.png

From now on, UE4 will save all of your content as a project on the disk. As you complete this tutorial, UE4 organizes your meshes and textures. The Content Browser is a great way to navigate through your project's directory structure.


You can also find content by navigating through the project folder located on the hard drive.


By now, you should be comfortable creating projects and browsing through content in UE4.

UE4 automatically imports content added to a Project's directory.