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Navigating the World in VR Mode

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Prerequisite Topics

This page assumes you have prior knowledge of the following topics. Please read them before proceeding.

Moving the World

To move the world around while in the VR Mode you must activate the movement mode by pressing and holding either of the two Controller side buttons. When the side buttons are held in, a grid pattern will be overlaid in the world indicating that you have activated movement mode.


  1. To move the world, squeeze and hold the controller Side Buttons while completely extending your arm in front of you.

  2. Quickly pull your arm towards your chest, releasing your grip on the controller side buttons halfway through to pull the world toward you.

  3. Squeeze and hold the controller Side Buttons.

Teleporting in the World

  1. Aim the controller at the Actor in the world you want to teleport to.


  2. Squeeze in on the Trigger on the Controller to teleport to the Actor.


Rotating the World

  1. Squeeze the Side Buttons on both controllers.

  2. Move the controllers around each other to rotate the world as if you are grabbing onto it with your hands and rotating it.


Scaling the World

You can scale the size of the world up or down to assist you in the placement and manipulation of Actors.

  1. Hold the controllers vertically, as close together as possible.

  2. While squeezing the Side Buttons on both controllers, move the controllers as far apart as possible to make the world larger. A line with numbers on top of it tells you the size, in meters, that you currently are in relation to the world.

  3. Continue squeezing the Side Buttons on both controllers and move the controllers as close together as possible to make the world smaller.