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Editing Landscapes

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After you have created a Landscape, you can now do any of the following to it:

  • Modify its shape in Sculpt mode.

  • Modify its appearance in Paint mode.

  • Change the size, shape, and type of Brush you use to modify the Landscape's shape and appearance.

  • Modify the size and shape of its components in Manage mode.

  • Copy, paste, import, and export parts of the Landscape's heightmap with Landscape Gizmos .

  • Modify the Landscape's Material .

  • Create Splines for any linear features you want to use in your Landscape.

  • Create holes in your Landscape for features such as caves.

For information about creating Landscapes, see Creating Landscapes .

For a quick reference guide to the various Landscape tool modes and options, see Landscape UI Reference .

For examples of the Landscape tool in action, see the Landscapes Content Examples .

The Landscape Tools also work in the VR Editor. For the controls for using Landscape in VR, see the VR Mode Controls .