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1. Creating Foliage Type Actors

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In this step we will create a new Level, Landscape Terrain and all of the Actors the Procedural Foliage Tool requires.

  1. Create a new level using the Default Template as a base.


  2. Add a new Landscape actor to the level by first clicking on the Landscape Tool icon and then pressing the Create button to add the Landscape Actor to the level.


    If you are not familiar with how Landscape Terrain works or would like to know more about how it works please check out Landscape Outdoor Terrain for more information.

  3. Exit the Landscape tool by clicking on the Place icon in the Modes Panel.


    Using a Landscape Terrain Actor quickly provides you with a very large area to spawn your forest on.

  4. Create a new Procedural Foliage Spawner by right-clicking in the Content Browser expanding the Miscellaneous section and then click on the Procedural Foliage Spawner.


  5. Name the Procedural Foliage Spawner in this example PFS_Example or something similar.


  6. Drag the Procedural Foliage Spawner from the Content Browser into the level and position it so that it is in the center of the level or at 0,0,200 in the X, Y, and Z axis.


  7. Scale Procedural Foliage Spawner to 100,100,10 in the X, Y and Z Axis to give up a large area to spawn our forest in.

  8. Now that we have our spawner, we need to give it some types of Foliage to spawn. To do this, right - click in the Content Browser expanding the Miscellaneous section and then click on the Foliage Type. Name the Foliage Type Tree_00 or something similar.


  9. At this point you should have something that looks similar to the image below. If you have not done so already, save your work and level by pressing the Save All button to save all content and the Save button to save the level. When prompted for a level name use the name PFT_00.