Add a Collision Hull to a Static Mesh Using the Auto Convex Collision Tool

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The Static Mesh Editor has the capability to generate collision using a number of convex hulls.


This rounded cube would probably work just fine with 6DOP Simplified Collision but let us assume it needs more than that.

Selecting Collision Menu -> Auto Convex Collision will bring up this panel in the lower right hand side:


  • Max Hulls - Determines the number of hulls to create to best match the shape of the object.

  • Max Hull Verts - Maximum number of collision hull vertices. Increasing this value increase how complex the collision hulls are allowed to be.

  • Apply - Adds collision to the object based on the settings above.

  • Defaults - Resets the values of Max Hulls and Max Hull Verts to the values seen in the image above.


As you can see, the auto convex collision is reasonably accurate.