1 - Required Setup

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Before we get started, the first thing that we will need to do is create a Project to work from for the duration of this guide. In the steps below we will use Unreal Engine 4's Project Browser to create our project. After completing this step, you will have a Template that you can build onto for your future projects.


  1. After Installing Unreal Engine and launching the Unreal Editor, you will first be presented with the Project Browser.

  2. Click the New Project tab and select the Blank Blueprint Template, enter a Save Location and Name, then click Create Project.



    The New Project tab is where you can create new projects based off several different template types while the Projects tab contains any previously created projects or samples that you have downloaded.

End Result

After creating your project, once the Unreal Editor has finished loading, you will be presented with the Main Editor Interface as shown below.



In the next step, we will cover the basic controls for navigating the Viewports inside the Unreal Editor.