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3. Adding a Point Light

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Now that we have some basic level lighting, we will add a Point Light inside our little apartment's bathroom.

  1. From the Modes menu under Lights, drag a Point Light into the small bathroom.


    You can use the Translation widget to move the light around.


    Our light is now positioned at the following location:


  2. In the Details panel for the light, change the light color and lower the Intensity of the light.


    The Intensity is one of the settings that can be used to adjust the brightness of the light.

  3. Select the Attenuation Radius field.


    This controls the influence of the light. If you zoom out, you can see the sphere currently created.


    Change the Attenuation Radius to 350.


    The influence range is reduced to cover our small bathroom better.


  4. Click the Build icon from the Main Toolbar to build the lighting.

See Point Lights for more information on the settings available to Point Lights.

We've added a Point Light in the bathroom, in the Next Step we will add a Spot Light to our little apartment.