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4. Adding a Spot Light

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In this section, we are going to add a stylized light above our entryway by using a Spot Light.

  1. From the Modes menu under Lights, drag a Spot Light into the level.


  2. In the Details panel for the Spot Light, set its Transform as shown below.


    This will place the light just above the entry doorway.

  3. Change the Intensity and Light Color (suggested values are shown below).


  4. Adjust the cone shape of the Spot Light with the Inner Cone Angle (blue cone) and Outer Cone Angle (green cone).


  5. Change the Attenuation Radius to affect its influence.


  6. Click the Build icon from the Main Toolbar to build the lighting.

You can also use Spot Lights to provide additional ambient light.

  1. With the Spot Light selected, in the viewport press Ctrl+W to duplicate it then set its settings as shown below.


    This will shine additional light into our apartment from the outside, let's make some additional changes.

  2. Inside the Details panel for the new Spot Light, expand the additional settings button under Light.


  3. Uncheck the Use Inverse Squared Falloff option.


    This option affects the light falloff and most closely replicates the behavior of light in the real world.

    See the Inverse Square Falloff Content Example for more information.

  4. Set the rest of the settings for the light as shown below.


    You may notice that we've elected to use a light blue color instead of the same color as our level lighting.

    Doing this provides a contrast to our level lighting and creates a more naturally lit looking room.

With ambient Spot Light

Without ambient Spot Light

We could have used a Sky Light instead of using a Spot Light for our extra ambient lighting. On a large scale area this might make more sense, however for our little apartment and to control the lighting more effectively, we used Spot Lights to create our ambient lighting.

In the Next Step we will improve the quality of our lights and add reflective lighting to our apartment.