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6. Using a Light Profile

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With our apartment almost complete, next we will create a more advanced Point Light that uses an IES Profile which is a lighting industry standard method of diagramming the brightness and falloff of light as it exits a particular real world light fixture.

For more information, refer to the IES Light Profiles documentation.

  1. Click on the Point Light in the small bathroom.

  2. In the Details panel for the Point Light, click the None dropdown under Light Profile.


  3. Click the View Options in the pop-up menu that appears.


  4. Click the Show Engine Content in the pop-up menu that appears after selecting View Options.


    Unreal Engine 4 provides some example IES Light Profiles to use, but you can find others from the internet and import them as well.

  5. Select the Complex_IES profile.


  6. We'll need to update the Transform of the light to fully see its effect, set the following new Transform.


  7. Click Build to build your lighting.


    While we don't have a light fixture attached, you can see how the light now bends coming out of the Point Light.

In the Next Step and final of this guide, you will see some examples of things to try on your own as well as links to additional lighting documentation, samples and techniques.