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Lighting Quick Start Guide

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In this Lighting Quick Start Guide you will go through the basics of working with lighting in Unreal Engine 4 including: using Atmospheric & Directional Lighting to create a simple skybox and lit level, using Point Lights and Spot Lights to light rooms, changing the lighting quality and how reflections can be used to bounce light in a room and also using IES Light Profiles. At the end of this guide, you will have a room similar to the one pictured above. The final step of this guide will give you some ideas to take it and make it your own as well as provide links to related documentation.

While this guide will cover the actions needed to proceed through each step, if you have not worked with the Unreal Editor before, it is recommended that you first look over the Unreal Editor Quick Start guide to gain a better understanding of general editor usage, terms, and processes.