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Materials How-To's

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Prerequisite Topics

This page assumes you have prior knowledge of the following topics. Please read them before proceeding.


The following step-by-step guides walk you through a wide range of topics designed to help you create and use Materials in your projects.

Starting Out

Using the Main Material Node 4.9 Previewing and Applying your Materials 4.9

Doing More with Materials

Animating UV Coordinates 4.9 Using Bump Offset 4.9 Using Dual Normals with Clear Coat 4.12 Using Colored Translucent Shadows 4.9 Creating Layered Materials 4.9 Adding Detail Textures 4.9 Use the Emissive Material Input 4.18 Creating and using Material Instances. 4.9 Creating Material Functions 4.9 Making Material Parameters 4.9 Using Texture Masks 4.9 Placing Material Expression and Functions 4.9 Using Refraction 4.9 Creating Shiny Materials 4.9 Using a Subsurface Profile in your Materials 4.9 Using Subsurface Scattering in Your Materials 4.9 Using Transparency 4.9 Using Mesh Decals 4.15

Putting It All Together

Using Fresnel in your Materials 4.9 Creating Human Skin 4.9