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1. Project Setup

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In this section of the Creating Textures using Blueprints and Render Targets, we will go over creating a new level for our project to use.

Create a New Empty Level

Creating a new Empty Level to place your Texture creation Blueprint in will make things easier to manage, ensuring that nothing else is affecting your Texture creation process. To create a new Empty Level inside of UE4, you will need to do the following:

  1. From the Main Toolbar, go to File > New Level.


  2. From the New Level window that is displayed, click on the Empty Level option.


  3. After clicking on the Empty Level option, UE4 will load a new level that has nothing inside of it. Once that has happened, save the level by clicking on the Save button on the Main Toolbar, naming it BlueprintTextureCreation.


With the level now created and saved in the next section we will go over creating and setting up the required assets.