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1. Sequence Setup

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In this step we set up our Level Sequence and add our playable character and animation we want to blend to.

For this how-to guide, we are using the Blueprint Third Person Template with Animation Starter Pack available for free from the Epic Marketplace.


  1. Inside your project, delete the ThirdPersonCharacter from the level and add the Ue4ASP_Character, setting Auto Possess Player to Player 0.


    Optionally, you can disable the capsule component from being displayed by selecting the capsule component then checking the Hidden in Game option.


  2. From the main toolbar, click the Cinematics button then select Add Level Sequence and save it with any name.


  3. In your Level Sequence, add the Ue4ASP_Character and an Animation Track with Death_3 assigned as the animation.


  4. Right-click on the animation in the keyframe window then under properties, change When Finished to Keep State.


    This will enable us to preserve the animation state when the Level Sequence is over. Also, take note of the Slot Name property highlighted below.


    When an Animation Blueprint is controlling a Skeletal Mesh, Sequencer plays back animations on slots within that Blueprint and is controllable through the Slot Name property. An Animation Blueprint can then Blend between a slot Animation and whatever game logic driven animation your character may happen to be in.

In the next step, we set up our Animation Blueprint and Character Blueprint so that we can blend from our gameplay animation into our death animation we created in this step.