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3. Using Cinematic Exposed Variables

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Here we add the float variable Default Slot Interp which is feeding the interp in our Animation Blueprint, determining when we blend from a gameplay pose to our Slot animation. We also add a Trigger Box to the level that we will use in the next step to allow the player to trigger the playback of our Level Sequence when they enter its volume.

  1. Inside your Level Sequence for the Ue4ASP_Character, click the Track button and assign the new Default Slot Interp property.


  2. Scub the timeline ahead to frame 25 (or whichever frame you prefer) and add a key for Default Slot Interp with a value of 1.0.


  3. From the Modes panel in the main level editor, drag a Triggerbox into the level and resize and place where desired.


    You can optionally set Actor Hidden In Game to false if you want to be able to see the trigger volume during playback.

In the next and final step of this guide, we set up the Level Blueprint to playback our Level Sequence when we enter the Trigger Box's volume.