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6 - On Your Own!

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Now that you have created a sample cinematic with Sequencer, you can try several of the How-to's to add to this scene.

Try some of the following on your own:

  • Try to fade the scene in/out using a Fade Track .

  • Make the Character in the level walk using Character Animation .

  • Add Music from the Content/StarterContent/Audio folder with an Audio Track .

  • Add a Crane or Rail shot to the scene.

  • Cause the scene to enter slow motion with the Play Rate track.

Try to re-create a similar scene:

Optionally, you can Render out your cinematic as a video file:

  1. Click the Render Movie option.


  2. Under General, define the Output Directory then click Capture Movie to start rendering.


    A preview window will appear while rendering and will close when complete.