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The Editor Preferences window is used to modify settings that control the behavior of Unreal Editor with respect to controls, viewports, source control, auto-saving, and more.

The Editor Preferences window can be opened from the Edit menu.






Flight Camera Control type

This setting determines whether the flight camera is used and how it is accessed. The flight camera uses the W, A, S, and D keys to dolly and pan the camera, similar to how standard FPS controls work. W and S dolly the camera in and out, while A and D pan, or strafe, the camera side to side. When active, this overrides any hotkeys using these controls, including toggling show flags.



Use WASD for Camera Controls

The flight camera and WASD controls are always active.

Use WASD Only When Right Mouse Button is Held

The flight camera and WASD controls are only active when the RMB is pressed.

Never Use WASD for Camera Controls

The flight camera and WASD controls are never active.

Grab and Drag to Move Orthographic Cameras

If enabled, clicking the Left or Right Mouse Buttons and dragging the mouse in an orthographic viewport will scroll the camera. Essentially what this means in practice is when you click and drag, the scene will move with the mouse. With this disabled, the scene moves opposite of the mouse.

Orthographic Zoom to Cursor Position

If enabled, zooming in the orthographic viewports will be centered around the mouse cursor. When disabled, zooming is centered on the center of the viewport.

Link Orthographic Viewport Movement

If enabled, all orthographic viewports will be linked to focus on the same position. So moving the camera in one orthographic viewport will cause the other orthographic viewports to follow. When disabled, all viewports can be navigated independently.

Aspect Ratio Axis Constraint

Determines which axis of the perspective viewport is used to control the field of view (FOV) to maintain the aspect ratio when resizing.



Maintain Y-Axis FOV

The Y-Axis (vertical) is used to determine the FOV.

Maintain X-Axis FOV

The X-Axis (horizontal) is used to determine the FOV.

Maintain Major Axis FOV

The larger of the two axes is used to determine the FOV.

Mouse Scroll Camera Speed

Determines the speed at which the perspective camera moves when navigating with the mouse.

Viewport Look and Feel



Highlight Objects Under Mouse Cursor

If enabled, objects will be highlighted using a transparent overlay in viewports while hovering over them with the mouse cursor.

Editor Look and Feel



Use Small Tool Bar Icons

If enabled, toolbar icons across the whole editor will be smaller and without labels.





Level Editing



Enable Combined translate/Rotate Widget

If enabled, the combined Translation and Rotate-Z tool is made available.


Clicking BSP Enables Brush

If enabled, clicking on a Brush surface selects the brush and Ctrl + Shift + Click selects the surface. When disabled, the opposite is true; clicking selects the surface and Ctrl + Shift + Click selects the brush.

Update BSP Automatically

If enabled, Brush geometry rebuilds automatically when brushes are moved or modified in the viewport. When disabled, geometry must be rebuilt to see the changes.

Preserve Actor Scale on Replace

If enabled, replacing Actors will respect the scale of the original Actor. Otherwise, the replaced Actors will have a scale of 1.0.

Source Control



Prompt for Checkout on Package Modification

If enabled, the editor will automatically prompt for SCC checkout on package modification.

Allow Source Control

If enabled, the editor source control integration for packages and maps is used.

Add New Files when Modified

If enabled, new files are automatically added to source control.


The host and port for your source control server. Example: hostname:1234


The user name to sue when connecting to source control.


The clientspec for source control.




Use Curves for Distributions

If enabled, Distributions will use the curves in place of the baked lookup tables when being rendered in the editor.

Content Browser



Auto Reimport Textures

If enabled, source files for textures are monitored and textures are automatically re-imported when the source file is modified.

Assets to Load at Once before Warning

The number of objects to load at once in the Content Browser before displaying a warning about loading many assets.

Auto Save



Enable AutoSave

If enabled, the editor will automatically perform a save operation at specified intervals.

Save Maps

If enabled, the auto-save procedure will attempt to save modified, loaded maps.

Save Packages

If enabled, the auto-save procedure will attempt to save modified content packages.

Frequency in Minutes

The time interval in minutes to wait between auto-saves.

Warning in Seconds

The number of seconds the warning is displayed before an auto-save is performed. autosave_warning.png