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1. Character Setup

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In this step we prep our project and add the Widget Interaction component to our player character so we can interact with 3D widgets.

For this how-to, we are using the Blueprint First Person Template with Starter Content enabled.


  1. Inside the Content/FirstPersonBP/Blueprints folder, open the FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint.

  2. Add a WidgetInteraction component attached to the Sphere then zero out the Location and Show Debug in the Details panel.


    Our Widget Interaction component will now point in the direction that player points the gun indicated in-game by a debug marker.

  3. In the Graph, add a Right Mouse Button Event and drag in the Widget Interaction Component.

  4. Off Widget Interaction add Press Pointer Key and Release Pointer Key both set to Left Mouse Button and connect as shown.


    Widgets respond to mouse/touch interaction via Left Mouse Button click or touch controls and we can simulate that using the Press Pointer Key function. In our example we use the Right Mouse Button to simulate a Left Mouse Button click, however, you could use a gamepad button press or even Motion Controller Trigger press to fire off the Press Pointer Key function.

  5. In the Content Browser create two Class Blueprints based on Actor and two Widget Blueprints.


    For the two Actor Blueprints, call one Keypad (to represent the keypad entry) and the other KeypadDisplay (to represent and display the values entered from the Keypad). For the Widget Blueprints use the same names as the Actor Blueprints, however, to distinguish them, suffix them with WB (for Widget Blueprint).

End Result

Our project is ready to go and our character can interact with Widgets in the world, next we'll set up our interactive Widgets.