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Exporting Datasmith Content from 3ds Max

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Once you've installed the Datasmith Exporter plugin for 3ds Max, you'll have a new .UDATASMITH file type available to you when you export a scene from 3ds Max.

Follow the steps below in 3ds Max to export your scene using this new file type.

  1. From the 3ds Max File menu, or the MAX menu at the far left of the main menu bar, choose Export.
    Select File to Export

  2. Set the following:
    Set folder, type and file name

    1. Save in: Choose a location for the new Datasmith file.

    2. File Name: Give your file a name.

    3. Save as type: Select Unreal Datasmith (*.UDATASMITH)

  3. Click Save.

  4. In the Datasmith Export Options window, choose Visible objects to include everything in your scene in the Datasmith file, or Selection to include only the objects you currently have selected.
    Export visible objects or selection

  5. Click OK.

After the export is completed, the exporter shows a report of any issues it found with your content — typically, these are notifications of things that the exporter couldn't translate perfectly, or that may not show up in the Unreal Engine in exactly the way they do in 3ds Max.

3ds Max conversion notes and warnings

End Result

You should now be ready to try importing your new .udatasmith file into the Unreal Editor. See Importing Datasmith Content into Unreal Engine 4NEW! .

Along with your new .udatasmith file, you'll see a folder that has the same name but with the suffix _Assets. If you move your .udatasmith file to a new location, make sure that you also move this folder to the same location.