Exporting Datasmith Content from VRED

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Installing the Exporter Plugin Script

Before you can get started working with your VRED content in the Unreal Engine, you need to install a plugin script for VRED.

To see what versions of VRED Professional the exporter plugin currently supports, see Datasmith Supported Software and File TypesNEW! .

Follow the steps below to install the Datasmith exporter plugin script for any supported version of VRED that you have installed on your computer.

  1. In your Unreal Engine installation folder, find the vrDatasmithExporter.py script in the Enterprise\Plugins\Editor\DatasmithFBXImporter\Extras\VREDPlugin folder.

  2. Copy this script to a folder that your VRED installation searches for plugins.
    For details, see the VRED documentation .

  3. Restart VRED.

Exporting to Datasmith

When you have your VRED scene the way you want it, and you've registered your variants, export the scene to FBX:

  1. From the main menu in VRED, choose:

    • File > Export > Export to Datasmith... (for VRED 2018)

    • File > Export Scene Data > Export to Datasmith... (for VRED 2019)
      Datasmith export from VRED

  2. Browse to a folder and choose a file name.

The exporter creates a .FBX file in the location you choose.

End Result

You should now be ready to try importing your new .FBX file into the Unreal Editor. See Importing Datasmith Content into Unreal Engine 4NEW! .

The exporter also creates additional files next to the .FBX: a .lights file that contains extra information about the lights in your scene, and a .var file that contains information about your registered variants. These files contain information required by the Datasmith importer. If you move your .FBX file to a new location, make sure to keep these additional files at the same relative path.