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7. Testing and Next Steps

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With your custom pistol completed, you can click Play while the the hub level is loaded, and enable your GrenadeGunPistol through the mod menu. You can now use the Gun Range to toss the gun at the targets and watch them detonate!

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Next Steps

Now that you successfully created a new pistol, it’s time to see if you can take it further! If you’re having a creative block, here are some ideas to get the creativity flowing while also getting you to dive further into the gun Blueprints.

  • Balance the damage of the explosion

  • Make the explosion radius dependent on how many bullets are left in the gun

  • Have the gun bounce once or twice before exploding

  • By disconnecting the Instigated by Controller pin in the GrenadeGunPistol Blueprint, you can have the explosion damage the Player

  • Why not more explosions? Make it a MIRV Grenade!

    • Bonus: Going with a more literal definition of MIRV? Have it call down a ballistic missile strike from space!

  • Make the pistol a Machine Pistol with extended magazines and fully automatic firing!

    • Bonus: Adjust the damage that the Machine Pistol does to be more balanced for its new fire rate

    • Mega Bonus: Make the bullets it fires homing rounds!

  • If you plan to continue using the base mesh for the pistol, figure out how to have the Blueprint add Attachments (laser, compensator, sights, etc…)

  • Give the gun bonus damage on its next shot based on how many times you juggle it

In the top right of the GrenadeGunPistol Blueprint you will see a little magnifying glass:

image alt text

This button will take highlight the current Blueprint’s Parent in the Content Browser. By using this button you can navigate down to Gun_Pistol and Gun_Base, which contain a mountain of functionality for the Pistol. Browse through them to see what variables and functions you have available to you.