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3. Create Your Project

Choose your OS:


In the following section we will be creating a new project for use to test deployment to Android with. The project that we create will be a Blueprint based project that will use the Blueprint Third Person template.

  1. From the Unreal Projects Browser create a new Blueprint based project with the following options.

    • Use the Third Person Template

    • Set target hardware to Mobile / Tablet

    • Set the Graphics level to Scalable 3D or 2D

    • Do not include the Starter Content

    • Give the project a name of AndroidProject


  2. Once that is completed, press the Create Project button to create the project.

While we have selected a Blueprint based project for this example, any type of project, C++ or Blueprint, can be used to packaged and deployed to an Android device.

End Result

When completed you will now have a UE4 project that is setup for use with a mobile device.