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Setting up Android Launch Screens

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If you would like to have a custom launch screen for your Android project, support is available inside the Project Settings under the Platforms/Android/Launch Images section of your project. You can set the background, portrait, or landscape images used as well as whether or not the feature is enabled/disabled (refer to the table below for more information).

Launch Images Options



Download Background Vertical Image

Used as the background for OBB downloading.

Launch Portrait

Used as a splash screen for applications with Portrait, Reverse Portrait, Sensor Portrait, Sensor or Full Sensor orientation.

Launch Landscape

Used as a splash screen for applications with Landscape, Sensor Landscape, Reverse Landscape, Sensor or Full Sensor orientation.

Show Launch Image

Shows the launch image as a startup splash screen. If enabled, either or both launch images selected for the project will be included depending on the orientation setting in the project.


To configure your project to use the Launch Images:

  1. Inside your project from the File menu, select Edit then select Project Settings.



  2. In the Project Settings, on the left under Platforms select Android to display the project settings for Android apps.



  3. Scroll down to the Launch Images section and make sure the Show launch image check box is enabled.



  4. Click the ... icon next to each image to open a browser where you can select your image from your computer.


  5. Once you have selected the images you want to use they will be added to the project and included during the startup splash screen.



Examples for portrait and landscape images may be found in the Engine/Build/Android/Java/res/drawable folder as PNG files.