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1. Gear VR Project Creation

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In the following part of the Gear VR Quick Start, we will go over setting up a new UE4 project that can be used with Gear VR.


  1. From the Unreal Engine Launcher make sure that you have UE4 version 4.17 or later downloaded and installed then press the Launch button to open the Unreal Project Browser.

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  2. From the New Project tab of the Unreal Project Browser, create a new Blueprint based project that is Blank and uses the following settings.

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    • Blank Project

    • Mobile / Tablet

    • Scalable 3D / 2D

    • No Starter Content

  3. Next, set the project's location and give it a name. For this example, the name will be GearVRQS but feel free to pick any name you want. When that has been completed, press the Create Project button to create the project and load the UE4 Editor.

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End Result

When completed you should now have a new Blank project created that is ready to be setup for use with Gear VR.