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Getting Started: Developing HTML5 Projects

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The HTML5 pipeline is currently experimental. Some projects may not run properly when built for the HTML5 platform. Expect some rough edges.

HTML5 uses the emscripten tool chain from Mozilla to cross-compile C++ into Javascript. In versions 4.9 and later, emscripten and python are included in the engine distribution. You can find them in Engine/Source/ThirdParty/HTML5/emsdk/, but no configuration or additional installation is required to deploy to HTML5.

A 64-bit browser is currently required to run HTML5 builds.

Once they are installed, you can select the browser to launch your map in from the Launch dropdown menu. LaunchNightly.png

To test a packaged HTML5 project :

  1. Select HTML5 from the Package Project fly-out menu.

  2. Once the project has packaged, open the destination location and run HTML5LaunchHelper.

  3. Note the localhost address from this window. localhostinfo.png

  4. Open [Localhost Address]/[ProjectName].html in your 64-bit browser. For example, http://localhost:8000/MyProject.html using the above localhost address with a project named MyProject.