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4 - Running UE4 on Linux

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As you worked your way to this final step, you linked your Epic Games account with your GitHub username, you downloaded the Unreal Engine source code from our GitHub site, and you compiled a binary of UE4 on your Linux system. The only remaining task is for you to run the UE4 Editor so that you can start making games for the Linux platform.

If you're unable to create an OpenGL context as you're working through these steps, you may need to update your graphics drivers (refer to our documentation on Supported Graphics Drivers ).

  1. Navigate to the editor's binary path by entering cd Engine/Binaries/Linux/ into the terminal.

  2. Run UE4Editor to launch the editor.


  3. Congratulations! You've compiled and launched the engine from source.


Launching UE4 on Linux

Because you've compiled the engine from its source code on Linux, the engine will compile shaders for a few minutes after launching UE4.


Creating your First Project

If you haven't already set up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to work with UE4, we recommend that you start out by creating a Blueprint project.


End Result


If you're creating your first game on Linux, you just learned how to establish your primary UE4 workflow on Linux. As you worked your way through this tutorial, you learned:

✓ How to set up Git to download the source code for Unreal Engine.
✓ How to fork and clone Unreal Engine's source code.
✓ How to build Unreal Engine from source.
✓ How to run Unreal Engine on your Linux machine.

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