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3 - Creating your Project

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By now, you've installed and configured the Android SDK, you've set up your Android's development environment, and Android Debug Bridge is able to list all devices that are connected to your Linux computer. You're ready to create a new mobile project in UE4.

Creating your Mobile Project

  1. Open the Unreal Project Browser and create a new Blueprint project with the following options.

    • Select the Third Person Template

    • Set the Target Hardware to be Mobile / Tablet

    • Set the Graphics Level to Scalable 3D or 2D

    • Select No Starter Content

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  2. Give the project a name, setting the Project's Folder location. For this tutorial, we're naming the project LinuxAndroidProject.

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  3. After you've set up your Project's settings, click the Create Project button.

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End Result

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Congratulations! You've just created a new UE4 project that's ready for use with a mobile device.