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5. Testing out the Rift and UE4

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In this section we will cover how you can test to see if your Rift is working with Unreal Engine 4.

  1. Open up the Unreal Project Browser and in the New Project tab create a new project that has the following settings:

    Click for full image.

  2. Once UE4 has launched, go to the Main Menu and change the Play option from the default of Selected Viewport to VR Preview, pressing VR Preview to launch the level.


  3. Now, put the Rift on and you should see the following.

    Click for full image.

    When using the VR preview option and the Rift, the VR preview window will display black and look like it is not updating anytime you launch or re-launch the VR preview window. This is because when the Rift is not placed on your head it disables the display output to help extend the life of the display.