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4.4 - Adding Animation Transition States

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During this step, we're going to add five states to the state graph, namely:

  • Idle

  • Run

  • JumpStart

  • JumpEnd

  • JumpLoop

  1. Right-click in the graph and select Add State... from the context menu.


  2. Name the state "Idle".

  3. Double-click the state to begin editing it.

  4. Right-click in the graph area and search for "Idle" in the Context Menu.

  5. Click on Play FPP_Idle to insert that node.


  6. Connect the output execution pin of the Play FPP_Idle node to the Result input execution pin of the Final Animation Pose node.


    Repeat steps 1-6 for each of the other 4 states, namely:

    • Run

    • JumpStart

    • JumpEnd

    • JumpLoop

  7. When you are done, the Arms State Machine graph should look like the following image:

    Click on the image to zoom in.

    Each state should contain their Play node connected to a respective Final Animation Pose node.

  8. Drag a wire from the Entry node to the Idle state node.