1.1 - Random Meshes

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The BP_Random_Meshes Blueprint uses the Construction Script to randomly scatter Static Meshes within a radius, using exposed variables to allow users to customize the scale, rotation, and spacing of the Static Meshes. All of the Static Meshes are actually components within the BP_Random_Meshes Blueprint.

Construction Script

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  • A ForLoop node is used to repeat a section of script a specified number of times. In this case, the Number of meshes variable is also the number of times the ForLoop will repeat, adding a new StaticMeshComponent each time.

  • RandomFloatInRange nodes are used to randomize the location, scale, and rotation of the StaticMeshComponents, as well as the StaticMesh assets being used.

  • An array is used to allow the user to specify a list of possible StaticMeshes that will be set for the StaticMeshComponents in the Blueprint. After each StaticMeshComponent is added, a StaticMesh asset is picked from the array using a random index number and assigned to the newly added StaticMeshComponent.