Destructibles Content Examples

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The Content Examples provided inside the Destructibles map showcase how destructible meshes can be created and used in Unreal Engine 4. Automatically generated and custom imported destructibles, fracturing controls with Support and Destruction Depth levels as well as how to fire events upon destruction like spawning particles or playing sounds are demonstrated in this map.

Destructibles Map


Listed below are the examples provided inside the Destructibles map:


What is Demonstrated

1.1 Voronoi

Automatically generated destructible mesh.

1.2 Custom Destruction (Imported FBX)

Demonstrates an imported custom FBX destructible mesh.

1.3 Support

Custom fracture a portion of a mesh without fracturing the enitre mesh.

1.4 Destruction Depth

The complexity of the fracture as defined by Destruction Depth.

1.5 WorldSupport

How to attach a destructible mesh to a piece of static world geometry.

1.6 Destruction Particle Effects

How to spawn a particle effect when a destructible mesh gets destroyed.

1.7 Destruction Sounds

Playing sounds attached to a destrucbtible mesh.

1.8 Damage on Impact

How to fracture a mesh upon taking damage (e.g. falling to the ground or being shot with a projectile).