1.11 - Depth of Field

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Depth of Field (DOF) applies a blur to the scene based on distance in front of or behind a focal point, similarly to what happens in real-world cameras. The effect can be used to draw the viewer’s attention on specific subject of shot based on dept, and adding an aesthetic to make the rendering appear more like a photograph or like a movie.


Gaussian DoF blurs the scene using a standard Guassian blur. The Guassian method is fast and generally well-suited for use in-game, where performance is critical.


Bokeh DOF refers to the name of the shape that can be seen in photos or movies when objects are out of focus. This method renders a textured quad for each pixel using a user-specified texture to define a shape with which to reproduce the effect of a camera lens.

The implementation used only uses half-resolution to perform this intensive effect. It attempts to save render performance in areas where the effect is not noticeable by using Adaptive Depth of Field. Bokeh DOF is more costly than other DOF methods available in UE4, making this a prime candidate for cinematics and showcases where appealing visuals often outweigh any performance concerns in those situations.