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Faster raw distortion (R=U, G=V), requires channel conversion, 32bit float per channel texture will look odd if rendered raw.

Target is Leap Image

Distortion UE

Visually correct distortion in UE format (R=U, G=1-V) at the cost of additional CPU time (roughly 1ms) in 8bit per channel format

Target is Leap Image


Provides the corrected camera ray intercepting the specified point on the image.

Target is Leap Image


Returns a UTexture2D reference that contains the latest raw Leap Image data in UE format. This can be optionally gamma corrected.

Target is Leap Image


Provides the point in the image corresponding to a ray projecting from the camera. Given a ray projected from the camera in the specified direction, warp() corrects for camera distortion and returns the corresponding pixel coordinates in the image. The ray direction is specified in relationship to the camera. The first vector element corresponds to the "horizontal" view angle; the second corresponds to the "vertical" view angle.

Target is Leap Image