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Get Bounds

Returns the bounds from the Chaperone, in Unreal-scale HMD-space coordinates, centered around the HMD's calibration origin (0,0,0). Each set of four bounds will form a quad to define a set of bounds

Target is Steam VRChaperone Component

Get Tracked Device Position and Orientation

Gets the orientation and position (in device space) of the device with the specified ID

Target is Steam VRFunction Library

Get Valid Tracked Device Ids

Returns an array of the currently tracked device IDs

Target is Steam VRFunction Library

On Leave Bounds

On Leave Bounds

On Return to Bounds

On Return to Bounds

Set Touch DPad Mapping

Sets which input events you want associated with the SteamVR controller's directional touchpad buttons - does so for both left and right controllers.

Target is Steam VRController Library