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Enabling the Skeletal Mesh Reduction Tool Plugin

The Skeletal Mesh Reduction tool should be enabled by default when you create a new project. However, if it is not enabled, the following how-to walks you through the necessary steps to enable the Skeletal Mesh Reduction Plugin in your Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) project.


  1. First, from the UE4 Editor go to the Main Toolbar and select Edit  > Project Settings.

  2. From the Project Settings window, go to the Editor**section and click on the Skeletal Mesh Simplification**section.

  3. Under the General**section, click on the Skeletal Mesh Reduction Plugin**drop down and from the displayed list select the SkeletalMeshReduction**option.

  4. Press the Restart Now button, in the lower-right corner, to restart the Editor with the SkeletalMeshReduction Plugin enabled.

End Result

When the SkeletalMeshReduction plugin has been successfully enabled, you will see a new section under LOD 0 called Reduction Settings like in the image below.