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アンリアル エンジン 4.1 アップデート ノート

4.1.0 Release

Released: 04/22/2014


Release Notes:

4.1.1 Hotfix

Released: 05/12/2014



  • Fixed shader material instances not being saved to DDC, causing many shaders to be rebuilt when loading the editor.

  • Fixed crash on iOS/Android reading blueprint assets with certain unaligned opcodes.

  • Fixed handling of volume buttons on Android.

  • Fixed sporadic crash caused by race condition in the XboxOne texture compressor.

  • Fixed engine compiling more shaders than necessary in the material editor.

  • Fixed severe performance regression for some GPU combos on Windows, where the engine would fall back to the software renderer.

  • Fixed crash when pressing the news feed refresh button multiple times.

  • Updated .gitignore to include SDL2

  • Addressed an analytics error

4.1.2 Hotfix

Released: 06/25/2014

Github: N/A


  • Fix crash when loading certain blueprints

  • Fix corrupted map in StrategyGame causing a crash on 4.1.2 launch