Decay: Oil Drums District

Meshingun Studio - Environments - Mar 11, 2024

More than 450 assets/ Nanite/ AAA quality/ Perfect for video games, animations, and movies

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.1 - 5.4
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

────────────── UPDATES ──────────────

🆕 Compatibility Unreal Engine 5.4

🆕 Fixing Powerline System scale bug

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📝 Read Decay: Oil Drums District Documentation

📝 Static Mesh List Decay: Oil Drums District Documentation (Page 30)

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───────────── SUMMARY ─────────────

Decay: Oil Drums District

  • For all creators: solo game makers to big studios
  • Ideal for storytelling in a world past its prime
  • Over 450 static mesh pieces
  • Smart shaders
  • Simplifies building a wasteland world
  • Designed for fun and easy use

───────────── FEATURES ──────────────

🎨 4 Master-Shaders: Make things look real, from weather-beaten signs to metal that's seen too much rain.

🔮280+ Instances: Set up your scenes with plants and land that show nature taking back its space.

🧱 457 Textures: Get all kinds of super detailed and realistic textures, with over 115 different kinds to choose from.

💎 450 Unique Assets: You'll find bits and bobs like plates and cups left behind, tires, barrels, and parts to put together shacks and shelters. Plus, 25 ready-made buildings to drop into your scene.

⚙️Blueprint-Based Tools: Easy-to-use tools help you lay down powerlines and change up colors on metal stuff, so no two pieces look the same.

Technical Details

1 Pre-Assembled Map (Showcase)

  • Decay map with:
  • Daylight Lighting

1 Overview Map

  • Modular assets
  • Tools with instructions
  • Unique assets

4 Master-Shaders

  • More than 280 Instances
  • Foliage/Master Shader/Mountains/Landscape

457 Textures (About 115 texture sets)

  • Variety of unique textures
  • High-quality and extremely detailed

450 Unique and Modular Assets including prefabs

  • Set dressing assets such as eating ware, tires, barrels, interior furniture, bunks etc
  • Modular Architecture Pieces such as Walls, Windows, Gates, etc for slum buildings
  • Foliage such as Ground Covers, Grass and bushes
  • 25 building prefabs

2 Blueprint-based tools

  • Powerline tool that allows you to expand the powerline poles easily.
  • Packed actor building with colour customization to change the painted metal tint+ Randomized colour

Game Ready and Optimized Assets

  • Nanite assets

Texture Sizes: 4096-2048- 1024- 512


This pack uses Nanite technology and there is NO LOD included in meshes